Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Release of the Week: Foot Ox - It's Like Our Little Machine

Foot Ox - It's Like Our Little Machine
The release for this week comes to you only in CD-R form and can only be purchased at shows and on the myspace of Foot Ox, or Distant Colony. I have been meaning to post a long explanation of Foot Ox and Distant Colony but have been tied up with other things. So I will get around to it soon, for now this will have to suffice.

It may be said at some future date that the most influential music to come out of the phoenix metro area was brought forward by Teague Cullen and his band of Gypsy's. Band of Gypsy's being his group of friends, not a reference to Jimi Hendrix. Teague plays under the stage name Foot Ox but is a member of or collaborates with dozens of projects in the Tempe area.

Hailing a style of his own, Teague is imaginative with his sounds and creative with his production; expect the unexpected. If I were forces to place a name on his type of music, it might be Daniel Johnsonisc... but what ever you want to label it... its damn good and the beauty is I don't think Teague cares if you like it, he just enjoys making music with his friends.

I'm not 100 % positive when this album came/comes out but the LP release party is tonight at the Trunk Space, with Whitman and Splinter Cake.

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