Friday, July 24, 2009

Roadside Graves : Work Its Way Out [mp3]

The Roadside Graves: both a road and a grave but not a side

::picture of roadside graves::

I can't remember an album since the wide use of the mp3 and Napster that wasn't longer then 13 songs... and those where the REAL LP (long plays).

Then The Roadside Graves put out a 18 song album after a couple of EP, a song about Jesus making damn good pancakes and a stint in Salinas Utah (having been there several times, i can see the change this might have on someone).

Don't be too shocked when you see that these guys are from New Jersey, you might think somewhere in the southwest where the deep rooted southers sounds of Calexico might be heard. But no... New Jersey.

they have new album out, i wrote about it here and you can buy it here. They have a couple of EP's I wrote about one of them here.

Here are a bunch of new songs... I am barrowing them from Stereogum, I don't think they will mind. AND i am done using capital i's... they are annoying.

Work Itself Out (mp3)

Take A Train (mp3)

Ruby (mp3)

I Carried Myself (mp3)

I really like Roadside Graves... I'm not going to beat around the bush about that. i hope my honesty is okay. These guys are great... like homemade pancakes.

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