Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dr. Dog to Anti-Records

DR. Dog on the Move

After about 10 years with Park Records, Dr. Dog is making a move over to Anti-Records. This is happy move for us (the fans), the band... but not for Park Records, but lets be honest... were they really giving Dr. Dog the attention the reserved or were they more concerned with Dan Deacon and other Nintendo Pop pioneers? I'm pretty sure Dr. Dog stuck with Park Records 2 or 3 albums longer then they should have... Lets hope Anti-Records gives them the attention they deserve.

Here are some cool Dr. Dog songs:

The Beach (mp3)

The Old Days (mp3)

The Ark (mp3)

Heart It Races (mp3) - Architecture in Helsinki cover

All these lovelies above come form MOKB, whom i love and admire.

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