Tuesday, July 28, 2009

[new] The Mountain Goats - Genesis 3:23 [mp3]

The Mountain Goats have done about everything within the spectrum of musical experience. Tapes, Autobiographical albums, Spy albums (heretic) and so on...

So it is really no surprise that they would release an album bases on bible scriptures.

Here is what John Darnielle had to say about it:

"I guess the obvious question is going to be: 'John, have you had some sort of religious awakening?' and while I guess lots of people might want to be coy about answering that, that's never really been my style, so: no. It's not like that. It's not some heavy-narrative-distance deal either, though, and it's not a screed. It's twelve new songs: twelve hard lessons the Bible taught me, kind of. More than that I'd want to wait to say until some people have heard it, which won't be long. Will there be more news soon, quite soon? Like, next week, even? Oh yes there will!"

here is a song from the album... i like it, you might too.

Genesis 3:23 (mp3)

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