Monday, November 24, 2008

Yeasayer @ Rhythm Room, Nov 26th

Yeasayer @ Rhythm Room, Nov 26th
8p D, $12
Yeasayer is one of those neo-hippie groups that came a little late last year to be included on everyone’s top 10 list and so for some reason slipped through the cracks of 2007. But believe me these guys are brilliant live, they were in town last spring with Man Man at the Rhythm Room and it was a great show. Incase you are out of town for the Holidays, they will be back in town Jan with MGMT at the Rhythm Room, so plan on catching them then (and get tickets early).

Their album, All Hour Cymbals is worth getting your hands on. If you don't fall in love with it after the first listen, give it a time of tow and you will. It is somewhere between, Animal Collective and MGMT. Not trendy enough to be MGMT, but not so weird that is Animal Collective.

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addy said...

seeing this post up on and music will set you free makes me happy :D
yeasayer is awesome.