Sunday, November 09, 2008

Frightened Rabbit @ Rhythm Room 11-6-08

My chosen show of this week was also one of my new favorite bands of this year: Frightened Rabbit. The bill was quite crowded: 4 bands, 2 of them headliners. Knowing this, I figured I would be fine getting there at 10:30 (doors were at 8). As usual, I was running a bit late and got to the venue at 10:45. Within 5 minutes of my being there, Frightened Rabbit walked on to the stage with a hearty "We're Frightened Rabbit, we're from Scotland!" From there the band blasted straight into their set list, pulled entirely from the new album except for one choice track off of "Sing The Grays." The band was shockingly rocking. On the album they have a brilliant but marginally mellow sound. Live their show absolutely wailed. It was one of those rare shows for me where my toes were tapping, my head was banging, and my mouth was singing along the entire time. I was completely lost in their set from beginning to end. The highlight came during the first song of the encore when Scott Hutchison (lead singer) walked on to the stage with his guitar, stepped away from the microphone and had a moving sing-a-long with the crowd to album standout "Poke." The band played almost all of "Midnight Organ Fight" minus 1 or 2 songs, but held out to the last song to play everyone's favorite "Keep Yourself Warm." The set only lasted slightly over an hour, but the brevity was made up for with the bands intensity. On more than one occasion Scott stated that this was one of the best/largest crowds they've seen on this tour. It makes me sad, because the venue was small. This band deserves a larger audience, and is a rare occasion where I think they will eventually get it.

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afton said...

glad you made it just in time. i thought you were going to say you were late and ended up missing half their set so i was building myself up for your disappointment. frightened rabbit is one of those bands that i forget i like. but i instantly turned them on after reading this post and will enjoy them for the rest of the day!