Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Foot Ox - It's Like Our Little Machine

Teague Cullen is a sort of musical protege, there are not many bands from the Tempe, Phoenix area that don't credit Teague for some aspect of their musical expression, at least the bands that are worth considering. So when Teague focuses on his own project, Foot Ox and actually puts something out, you can be sure it is something worth listening to.

There are times when I really want to compare Foot Ox to Daniel Johnston, but I have a really hard time doing that because he is so much more. Though he has much of the same recording/production style, for his age he is far superior then Daniel / not to diminish the shear brilliance of Daniel. I'm getting distracted. Like Our Little Machine, marks one of the few LP's Foot Ox has put out. Generally, he sticks to cassettes, shared Vinyl or DVRs.

This album is as disconnected from traditional production as his other work. Yet in its dysfunctional mishmash he is able to create something that far supersedes any type of music genre or sound. This album hold alot of what I call natural sounds, earth tones, if I may. Though, it is not with out music talent. The opening track Above the Ocean, has a simple but alluring cello arrangement. One of the best tracks on the album, I Am, has another brilliantly placed cello arrangement in addition to some well placed mayhem in the middle of the song just in case you'd forgotten the maddness that drives these musicians. There is plenty of wonderful keyboard and guitar spread through out this album. BUT standing above all of it is Teague's ability to dance around the maddness with perfectly placed melodies and lyrics.
Though I've never asked him, Teague wouldn't claim this band as his own. The musicians that play with him have their own little projects and collaborate with each other on nearly every effort. So we are left with a new description for a group of musicians... and in their own self proclaiming vision: Distant Colony.

And so,

In the nestles little cover of Tempe is a little colony of our own... a distant colony. Because Williamsburge is over run with musicians to hip and trendy to be anywhere else, in a scene that is already over commercialize for its own good (thanks Pitchfork) And the new frontier of Portland has little to offer these days, and Austin was too trendy before it ever had a chance. They are distant from the rest and don't give a damn.

I only have this album on vinyl and recommend it to everyone! I believe you can get it on CD HERE, just give them some time... they'll get it to you. Or honestly, just got by Distant Colony in Tempe; 1201 Wilson Street Tempe, AZ 85281

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