Thursday, January 21, 2010

The xx and jj Tour / jj - no. 3

Two agendas in this post.

The xx and jj Tour
London-based band, The xx and Swedish jj have been the sweethearts of the indie-music scene in 2009. I cannot say which I like better but I love them both a lot despite the unenthusiastic/crowd-sobering performance by The xx witnessed in Stockholm two nights ago. (ahem). Anyway, I am happy that they are doing so well and I am especially happy that they are returning the love for their fans in the US this year. Check out their tour dates here.

Here are my favorite tracks from these two bands:

The xx - VCR

jj - my hopes and dreams


jj - n° 3 (2010)
jj this. jj that. I know, I know. Everyone is blogging about jj this week. I cannot help it, though. jj is just that good--they/she(?) totally deserve(s) it, I swear. Even has corrected the name to its proper lowercase, which I am very pleased about this week. Now, onto the important news...

jj - n° 3
Due out: March 9, 2010
Secretly Canadian

Track list:
1. my life
2. and now
3. let go
4. into the light
5. light
6. voi parlate, io gioco
7. golden virginia
8. you know
9. i know
10. no escapin' this

In continuation of the 2009 debut album, n° 2, jj is expected to release the next album this year called n° 3, featuring a track from the n° 1 single, Let Go. The new album will be released by Secretly Canadian on March 9.

jj - let go (mp3)

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