Sunday, January 31, 2010

Upcoming Show: Huge Bicycle Tour

This Tuesday there's a show at Trunk Space that will definitely be worth checking out.
First of all, Joe Jack Talcum from The Dead Milkmen. When I first started discovering music for myself, I was in love with "Punk Rock Girl" from the Milkmen. Joe Jack isn't quite as punk rock as he used to be, but he does lay down a great folky vibe with the same witty lyrics that made his previous band great. He promises to play new solo work along with older Milkman material.
Beyond that, there are a handful of musicians that I haven't got a chance to really give much time to yet, but I've heard great things about pretty much every band on the line-up.
Finally, my local faves, Andrew Jackson Jihad will be doing a set. If you haven't had a chance to see these guys yet. DO IT!
If you didn't get it from the flier, the show is at 7 at the Trunk Space on Tuesday Feb. 2nd. Entrance is $8 at the door.

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adelina iosifovna said...

Did you manage to go this show? Never thought I'd see Dead Milkmen here. Punk Rock Girl was an awesome song. Brings back memories!! :D