Saturday, January 09, 2010

galax54 (lo-fi/post-rock from Croatia)

As I have very limited Internet access these days, I apologize in advance that you will not hear from me as much this year...

galax54 is quite the gem of the past decade that I had shamefully missed. Of course, good music is easy to miss when it comes from obscure places to look for music at such as Croatia. My recent discovery of this very pretty and gentle experimental/lo-fi/post-rock/quiet music is currently doing a lot of good to me lately as I deal with the transition of dramatic changes this week/this year--culture, climate, and all.

galax54 - marbles and tourette's (mp3)

The notable releases of galax54, Sleepers vs. Satellites and The Thursday Machine stand out so much in my collection of quiet music that rank among my favorites such as mum, Dntel, Explosions in the Sky, Sigur Ros, and so on. It is diffucult to compare this band to any sound that I am ever familiar with as it delivers nothing quite like any of the said bands. The elements employed in these releases are rich in creativity, style, variety of intrumentations that range from electronics, synths, gentle vocals, and samples of real-life settings from public spaces. Even though that sounds like a lot is going on in their music, galax54 still manages to prove a legitimate sense of post-rock/lo-fi environment throughout the experience of listening these wonderful albums.

If you're looking for a good new music that you do not want it to pull many stunts in the album, but you do not want it to put you to sleep either, this is it.

galax54 - the idiot (mp3)
from the album, The Thursday Machine (2005)

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