Monday, March 23, 2009

Those Darlins - Day Trotter (New Music from upcoming album )

Those Darlins are probably one of the groups that got a fair amount of press out of SXSW (THE DALLAS OBSERVER, NY Press, Melophobe, and of of course Paste). And this is just to name a few... the list goes on and on... not to mention that they have been on the road with Dan Auerbach and Hacienda. At any rate, they a Daytrotter session that they recorded last January just came out last week. 3 of the 4 songs are new from the upcoming album and the 4ths is an upbeat Carter Family number (nice!).

I really love the old timey feel of this group. They have an amazing ability to mold that into modern indie music.

Here they are:

Red Light Love

Who's That Knocking

Hung Up On Me

A Glass of You

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