Saturday, March 07, 2009

[leak]The Decemberists - The Hazards of Love

Its been a bad week for groups trying to keep albums off the street or web... at least for Grizzly Bear it was. Now it might be a rough weekend for The Decemberists. It looks as though The Hazards of Love has crawled out onto the web...

I read an article a while back that quoted Colin Meloy as say that the new album would not be the production that Crane Wife was, that they would be going back to the fuzz folk days of Picaresque. I was a little disappointing because I was possible one of the few Decemberist fans that actually LOVED The Crane Wife.

So here I am listening to the new album that appears to be nothing less then a rock opera/prog rock album. Each song meshes into the next one like it was writing as one vase rock epitaph. At first glance it also seems to be a lot heavier they The Crane Wife and any of their previous work. Maybe closer to the work they did with The Tain. Each song alone doesn't quite give the credit the whole album deserves...

Anyway, happy looking. The site I got it from was concerned to might be a fake... but I am pretty sure it isn't AND it seems to be High Quality, unlike Grizzly Bears Veckatimest.

The album comes out 3/24... get it here and there and everywhere. (not leak links)


Anonymous said...

it's pretty great, tho i agree with u that The Crane Wife was special

the rock opera concept is perfect for them and the cap G guitar sound is a good ying to the SAT lyric yang.

PS who cares what Spin says let them stick with all american rejects



Anonymous said...

lol i just got it from a private tracker

i think it got deleted though o_0

addy said...

i take back what i said today. i wasn't impressed on my first listen that i gave up on it too soon. but after i got past through the "ugh not another heavy rock laden album" attitude phase, it is not too bad at all. of course, if anyone is looking for it there is the fbook group ;)