Sunday, March 01, 2009

Other Lives - Other Lives [April 7]

I am always interested in groups that have a jazz back ground, particularly groups that have been playing advant-garde jazz... not because I like advant- garde jazz but because usually its a sign of great musicianship, and superior technical skill. It's one of the reasons I have learned to love Midlake and also one of the reason I hold a tight grip on early jazz musicians.

That being said, I have found Other Lives to be a really enjoyable group. Based out of Stillwater Oklahoma, this collection of 5 musicians have been playing for 5 years together, but just recently took on the names of Other Lives. They released a self-titled EP last October under ATO Records (My Morning Jacket, David Gray, The Whigs). And like a lot of groups recently, they are following the EP up with a self-titled LP. It will include a number of songs that are on the EP, more then likely not remastered since they were recorded around the same time.

Other Lives music is a melodic symphony of emotion pulling from brilliant musical arrangements of piano and cello. However, the album is arranged so well that it captures your mind and heart with the first few songs. Also, I can't stress enough the song writing of this album... so consciously driven and divulged in such a soft and melodic fashion.

There are some obvious associations to groups like Radiohead, Midlake and other seasoned bands. But this group still stands on their own...

Other Lives - How Could This Be - Luxury Wafers Sessions from Luxury Wafers on Vimeo.

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