Saturday, February 20, 2010

Upcoming Show: Cheese on Bread

Dearest Cheese on Bread,
I am a terrible friend. I'd understand if you'd never want to talk to me again. I have neglected to write about your upcoming show until mere hours before it was set to start. Better late than never right? RIGHT?

Seriously though, readers this show will be nothing short of magical. I've been listening to Cheese on Bread's album "The Search for Colonel Mustard" solidly for about a month and it is way more fun than music this good should be. Cancel your plans and bring your date to the show, you wont be disappointed. All the info for the show is to the left. Check out the band's website and buy an album! Really! Totally worth it. Check out a song below.

Cheese On Bread - Dreamail

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JRC said...

hey Jeff thanks,
The show went alright, not huge crowd, but everyone had a fun time, and yea CoB as as goofy/nerdy/happy fun as their music makes 'em sound.