Saturday, December 13, 2008

Alas Alak Alaska @ The Trunk Space (PHX) & The Hangar (TUC)


Alas Alak Alaska / Fancie / Adrian Orange @ The Trunk Space
Thursday, December 18th, 7p

This is one of my favorite band names... it just kind of roles off the tongue like Rocco pastry. This is going to be a brilliant show, there is a whole host of people, local and national, playing at this show. Here is a quick run down:
/ Foot Ox
// James Fella (its been a while since we have seen him)
/// Stephen Steinbrink
//// Khalid Melkchurch


Alas Alak Alaska / Fancie // Adrian Orange /// Stephen Steinbrink @ The Trunk Space
You can read the poster...

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