Monday, December 15, 2008

1st Annual Phoenix Winter Folk Festival @ The Modified

Folk Festival in Pheonix, FANTASTIC!
December 20th, 4pm $6

Honestly, it will be fun to see how this event unfolds... I feel like Phoenix has always been a little resitant to the folk scene. So this is a chance to really open our arms and let the FOLK in! There is one group that I am a little dissapointed isn't on the list: Try Me Bicyle is probably one of the more dynamic folk duos on the valley and they aren't on the list... I am sure there is a good reason. Here is a bit of the line up... I would image there will be more announced as the event approaches:

Sam the Boy
Asher Deaver
Courtney Maria Andrews
Owl & Penny
In Symmetry
Christopher Kevin
Zachery James Dobbs
Bradley and the Materials

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