Friday, December 18, 2009

Moonface - Dreamland EP (2010) Preview

You know what I love? I love it when an artist that I am becoming newly acquainted with comes out with a very good and a very long track as a debut. It totally makes up for the kind of dissatisfaction from that "want more" discovery-mode, if you know what I mean.

Even though Spencer Krug is no new acquaintance of mine, this man, I believe, can never get enough praise from his listeners. I must be honest: everything Spencer Krug touches turns to gold. You may think that a ten-minute track is long. But try twenty minutes instead. Spencer Krug, under the moniker Sunset Rubdown, and also the name that many of you may be familiar with, in bands such as Wolf Parade, Frog Eyes, Swan Lake, Fifths of Seven--this man has now ventured into another, yet again, brilliant project called Moonface. He has recently released a track preview of a new EP, Dreamland that is due out in January 26th next year, currently available for free at the Moonface website.

Listening to the song for me was like being transported in Spencer Krug's brilliant mind, swimming into an ocean of rapture. This track definitely rewards a headphone listening. There is so much going on in this track: great musical components and just great lyrics. Here's a 5-minute preview:

Moonface - Marimba and S-Drums (mp3)

Check out; get your free download, do consider donating; and find out more great stuff about this upcoming EP. Oh, and mark January 26th on your calendars too.

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